Fees for psychological services are not supported by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). The cost of psychological treatment is sometimes supported by insurance plans; however, access to treatment may be a problem if such resources are unavailable. My fee is therefore variable, and it is based on your ability to pay and the nature of the service to be provided. Fees will be discussed prior to beginning treatment, but my typical fee for psychological treatment is $150.00 per session. 

Treatment sessions are 50 minutes duration, plus an additional 10 minutes for treatment planning and payment. Fees are due at the end of each treatment session, and payments may be made by cash, personal cheque, and e-transfer.  You will be issued an invoice at the end of each session, which you can either submit to your insurer to request reimbursement or claim as a medical expense deduction on your income tax return. 

Please note: If you cannot attend an appointment, you must provide 24 hours notice to avoid full fee charges for late cancellations or missed appointments.