Psychological Treatment and Psychotherapy: My practice draws upon evidence-based treatments for psychological problems that negatively impact quality of life, such as: 

  • trauma-related distress (e.g., posttraumatic stress, adjustment disorders); 

  • anxiety-related distress (e.g., panic attacks, chronic worries);

  • low mood (e.g., depression, sadness);

  • life stressors (e.g., health concerns, career changes, relationship issues).

Please note that I do not provide family therapy or couples therapy,  and I do not conduct custody and access assessments. 

Confidentiality: In general, all communications between a client and a psychologist are confidential except where required by legislation or directed by the courts. Examples of such exceptions include reporting a suspicion of child abuse or a child in need of protection to the Children's Aid Society; if you present a clear, imminent risk of serious physical or mental harm to yourself or someone else; if you have been sexually or physically assaulted by another health provider; if your file is subpoenaed by a court of law; if the regulatory body governing the practice of psychology in Ontario requests access to my files for quality assurance purposes or for investigating a complaint against me.